UQ Student Voice

UQ Student Voice

The Student Voice program helps link members of the UQ community to empower individual students to have their voice heard through the sharing of ideas, thoughts and opinions, and through eliciting feedback. Through engaging students in the decision making process, the University can create meaningful outcomes that help shape the future of the University and the student experience.

The Student Voice team support staff and students in the creation and development of platforms and opportunities to seek out the student voice in student-centric ways.

Voice platforms

We are here to help you access the student voice in the most effective way. Find out more information in the options below or consult with us about your feedback needs.

Engage students in feedback sessions where participants answer questions, discuss topics and brainstorm solutions through facilitated sessions including focus groups, design jams, workshops, hack-a-thons and pollination sessions. We can help with tips and advice on the right type of engagement that fits your needs.
Voice activations and facilitators
Our dedicated student team engage, facilitate and encourage student voice on campus through activations that engage and empower students to share ideas, opinions and feedback. Chat with us about creating tailored voice activations based on topics relevant to your areas.
Students are invited to roundtable discussions or informal gatherings hosted by student representatives and / or staff members so that the student voice can be amplified across UQ.

Get Involved in Student Voice

For Students

Student Voice connects you with opportunities to have your say on student matters. Register to get involved to:

  • Find out about activations you can attend to share your opinions, stories and ideas
  • Access voice events such as feedback discussions, focus groups and forums
  • Join the Ambassador of Voice team to facilitate the student voice on campus and online​
  • Become a Student Representative and impact University decisions

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For Staff

We support staff to advertise opportunities in Student Hub to an engaged student community who have already expressed interest in getting involved.​ The team can support you by:

  • Consulting you to find the best way to garner student voice in your area​
  • Setting up and advertising voice activities to students already interested in being involved ​
  • Engaging trained Ambassadors of Voice to garner wider student opinions, ideas and feedback  ​


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