Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) integrates academic theory with meaningful workplace practice within a curriculum, to help students build their employability.

Participating in WIL improves graduate employability by increasing work readiness and competitiveness. Engaging in WIL activities provides students with an opportunity to put theoretical learning into practice regardless of the discipline they study.

 Gain insight into the industry

 Build your professional network

 Unlock greater employment prospects

Benefits of WIL

Work Integrated Learning positively impacts the learning experience in many ways. A WIL experience is an opportunity to apply classroom learning to a professional environment.

Through WIL, you will gain exposure to standard equipment and resources, organisational culture, and expectations of employees in the workplace.

WIL can help you build professional awareness and networks prior to graduating, and allows you to make a valuable contribution, creating products, outcomes and recommendations that are relevant to your field.

Engage with WIL

There are numerous opportunities in all UQ faculties to engage with Work Integrated Learning, and it can be undertaken in many forms.

The most common types of WIL for UQ students are industry placements, industry projects, work simulations, field experience, entrepreneurship/enterprise, and reflections on current employment.

WIL is course based and is represented by a variety of activities that bring students closer to experience work.

Contact your faculty to find out which courses incorporate WIL into the curriculum.

Get more from WIL

Every WIL experience is different, so being prepared for your activity will ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Read the discipline or course specific information provided by your course and placement coordinators. Your ECP or Blackboard will have useful information.

Listen to advice from employers on how you can best prepare for your placement.

Learn how to unlock your personal and professional development and market your skills to potential employers through the UQX MOOC.

Beyond the classroom

Embedding WIL into the workplace or curriculum benefits more than just students. Find out what WIL can do for you.

Benefits for industry
• An opportunity to contribute to graduate training and development.
• Fulfil corporate responsibilities.
• Develop and enhance relationships with universities for mutual benefit.
• Injection of new ideas and perspectives.
• Opportunity for staff to develop to increase leadership and mentoring skills.
• Connections to the next generation of the workforce.
• Access to recruitment pathways
Benefits for Staff and UQ
• Enhance the ability to integrate student learning experiences into curriculum development.
• Engagement with industry to support the currency of commercial or industry-related teaching.
• Increased opportunity to build relationships that support industry input into curriculum or content development.
• Potential to develop research partnerships with industry.
• Improved student engagement and retention.

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