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Student-Staff Partnerships Team

The Student-Staff Partnerships (SSP) Team is here to support our UQ community of Student and Staff Partners and Student Representatives. Feel free to reach out to the SSP team if you have any questions or are seeking support with your Student-Staff Partnership.

Julia Groening
Student Partners
Project Officer
(SSP Projects)

Lauren Singleton
Student Partners
Project Officer
(SSP Projects)

Delia Terpstra
Enrichment Programs
(SSP Projects)

Alex Crook
Student Partners
(SSP Representation and Voice)

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2021 SSP Program Advisory Group Student Members

The SSP Program Advisory Group consists of the Partnerships Team and four student members. These student members serve a vital role in supporting the student SSP community, and co-designing aspects of the program. Feel free to reach out to the student members if you have any questions or want to chat about representation or partnership.

Eliza Canabal profile picture

Eliza Canabal
Student Member

Hey there! I’m Eliza, born and raised in the Philippines. I’m a PhD Candidate in Environmental Engineering - and yes, I make some time for extracurricular activities! I am keen to help students feel and know that their voices are being heard by the university and that they can fully utilize the services available to enhance their student life and future employability.

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Eugene Dragut profile picture

Eugene Dragut
Student Member

Hi! My name is Eugene Dragut and I’m a Brissie local. I’m currently studying a Doctor of Medicine at UQ, but you’ll probably spot me napping on the great court more than any hospital. Always excited to meet new students and I’m super passionate about encouraging people to get involved in programs to boost their employability. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

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Melanie Harper profile picture

Melanie Harper
Student Member

Hi! My name is Melanie Harper, and I am from Brisbane. I have also spent a couple of amazing years in a small town in outback Queensland, an experience that has definitely contributed to my love for sport. I am currently in my third year of studying a dual Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Education (secondary), majoring in ancient history/ history and criminology. I am passionate about helping and encouraging other students to connect and engage with various aspects of life at UQ, particularly the different events hosted by the various schools, faculties, clubs, and societies within the uni. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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Erin Thomas profile picture

Erin Thomas
Student Member

Hi! My name is Erin Thomas and I’m in my 4th year at UQ studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy. I’m really interested in working in the field of mental health once I graduate. I’m a fierce advocate for students and I believe that student-staff partnerships are an amazing opportunity for students who want to share their voice too.

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