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Undulate, E-Motion & Floral Symphony - Interactive Installations

Student Installation 1: Undulate
Student Installation 2: E-Motion
Student Installation 3: Floral Symphony

These three installations explore the interdisciplinary creation of interactive installations that engage an audience through light, sound, and physical form. Students from the Schools of Music, Architecture, and Information Technology & Electrical Engineering have been working in cross-disciplinary collectives to harness their creative skills from different disciplinary perspectives. Students have taken inspiration from themes relating to the natural environment, sustainability, and imagination to create a series of multimedia installations. 


E-Motion harnesses data relating to how people arrive on campus (walking/cycling, public transport, private vehicles) as a basis for visual and sonic displays around a continuous screen wall that allows views of the different categories of transport. Sensor-based and physical interactions are used to allow audience members to explore different visualisations and sonifications related to the transit data.

Floral Symphony

Floral Symphony features a series of interactive blooms constructed using 3D printing with embedded speakers, lights, and sensors. Audience members are able to generate visual and sonic performances through their interactions with the blooms.


Undulate is centred around a rising and falling timber sculpture with embedded visual and audio elements. The installation will follow social media posts related to the Bloom Festival, driving the lights and sounds based on sentiment analysis of the related hash-tags that audience members locally and online use when they post about UQ Bloom.

Installation Opening Times
21-25 October

UQ Lakes, Various Locations, St Lucia campus
University of Queensland
These installations are available all day but we encourage you to visit from
4-7pm to interact with the designs. 
Open to the public

Student Project Group 

The student project group includes students from Schools of Music, Architecture, and Information Technology & Electrical Engineering 

  • Benjamin Barruel
  • Alan Duong
  • Robert Evans
  • Dominika Geier
  • Jacob Hayden
  • Hoffmann Lai
  • Zhuoqian LI
  • Lu Lyu
  • Timothy Sifontes-Holzberger
  • Hanyue Wang
  • Daniel Yasar
  • Alex Miller
  • Aslam Marzook
  • Clay Carmichael-Griffiths
  • Digby Tilse
  • Laura Pham
  • Meg Takeda
  • Michael Mascadri
  • Damien Baptiste
  • Hamish Buchhorn
  • Jonathan Buttsworth
  • Wan-Ru Chao
  • Siyuan Chen
  • Giulia De Negri
  • Frank Hollingsworth
  • Paris Jacobs
  • Lei Jin
  • Wooyoung Jo
  • Yun Wa Lai
  • Seong Hyok Lee
  • Zhen Ling
  • Qiyao Liu
  • Thanh Mai Nguyen
  • Siubhan Rudge
  • Shiva Sarhangi Irdemoosa
  • Jing Wang
  • Zoe Weddell
  • Wenpeng Zhai
  • YuJing Zhang