Georgia Esplin

Embassy of El Salvador

I wanted to participate because I was interested in improving my Spanish, making valuable contacts for the future and learning more about diplomacy, a field that I am very interested in.

I made met many great contacts from embassies as well as DFAT, I improved my Spanish speaking, writing and listening abilities, and I gained valuable insight into the works of diplomacy by attending many events and translating important documents.

Participation in the internship improved my communication skills, both in Spanish and English. It was a chance to experience meeting different professionals in the field, which was very beneficial for my communication abilities. Through my work, I learned things that benefit both my study of Spanish and international relations. It was a great chance to practice conversational Spanish.

Highlight: I really enjoyed working alongside the people at my embassy. They were so welcoming, and worked hard to ensure that I got as much as possible from the experience. I also attended events at other embassies and DFAT, which was very enjoyable.

Advice: The more you put into the internship, the more you will get out of it. Try to speak mostly in Spanish as it will improve your language skills so much, but don't be afraid to ask for help or clarification.


Bachelor of Journalism
Bachelor of Arts