Adam - Antai Global Summer Program: July Session

Bachelor of Business Management/Commerce
July 2018

Why did you decide to complete a short term experience?

I chose to participate in a short-term experience for a few reasons.
1. It is my last year of university and I wanted to do something interesting and out of my comfort zone
2. China is a relevant and important topic for business studies
3. I enjoy overseas travel and exploring new countries and cultures, and I knew this experience would be more deeper than a tourist visit
4. I wanted to meet new people
5. Doing a for-credit summer program reduced my study load for my final semester.

How has the experience changed you?

The Antai Global Summer School experience opened my eyes to global business and foreign culture. Australia, despite its multiculturalism, is somewhat "hidden" from the rest of the world. Participation in academic, cultural and language sessions as well as company visits, gave me a deeper understanding of China's role in the global economy, and an insight into their culture and people - which is vastly different from Australia. Understanding and appreciating difference, therefore, was my key learning. Somethings are neither better nor worse, they are just done differently. National perspectives are also unique, and I was also glad to understand how my colleagues of the program viewed the world. I mixed with students from 23 different countries which I believe has helped me to develop a global perspective. I have also been inspired to look towards a career as an expat.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory was hanging out with my multicultural group of friends. I never thought that a Frenchman, a Portuguese guy, a Swiss guy, a Bulgarian, an Indian, and an Aussie would get along so well.

Top tips

My advice is to really get to know your classmates. Expanding your global network is such a valuable tool.


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