Codi - EWB Malaysia Humanitarian Design Summit

Bachelor of Engineering/Science
July 2018

Why did you decide to complete a short term experience?

Two reasons, firstly to gain some professional practise hours. But more over to expand my knowledge of humanitarian engineering because it is something I am interested in and would like to

How has the experience changed you?

Personally I think I've developed confidence with working in a diverse group of people. I have gained humanitarian engineering knowledge such as the EWB roadmap when looking into issue. Professionally I have expanded my network to an Australia-wide group of peers and mentors.

Favourite memory

Visiting the pepper farm in Kidding village. I think it was a point at which the group really got to know one another and became part of the true experience. We learnt so much from the local farmers and gained an appreciation for the work they do and there willingness to share.

Top tips

Definitely apply for funding.


Yes, NCP grant $3000.