Elena - SWUFE School of Law International Summer School

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Economics
July 2017

My experience

After four years of studying economics and commerce at UQ, the Discover SWUFE 2017 International Summer School has been the perfect way for me to complement my studies and give greater context to such a large focus of my curriculum; China. As Australia’s largest trading partner, it’s of fundamental importance to have a greater understanding of the Chinese economy, Chinese business and etiquette in order to be successful in finance and economics in Australia. The past two weeks studying at SWUFE has provided me with such knowledge and been an incredible international experience through which I’ve networked with many like-minded students form all over the world and had a lot of fun experiencing Chinese culture with locals. Coming all the way from Australia, the culture in China was quite a shock but has provided many opportunities to learn and develop my perspective as a global citizen.