Michael - Technical University of Munich Winter School

Bachelor of Engineering
February 2017

My experience

During my three weeks in Munich, I studied an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program at TUM. This course wasn’t like a course at UQ where you study one or two topics throughout the semester. Instead the series of lectures in the course served to give us an understanding of many different fields and topics of research that are relevant at TUM as well as in industry. This was supplemented by site visits to places such as BMW, KUKA Robotics and DLR (Germany’s National Aerospace Centre). I really liked this program structure because each lecture was new and interesting and also, I could get a taste for which fields interested me.

Further, part of the course involved German language lessons. Everyone in the course was put into a beginner course apart from a couple of people who already knew some German. These courses were a good idea as it meant we could practice the language in the country it’s spoken which is the best way to learn.

Finally, this course is an opportunity to go on an overseas program without the commitment of a 6-month long exchange.