Tim Wengenmayr

As a dual Chemical Engineering and Mathematics Student at UQ, I always yearned to work somewhere where I could apply my problem solving skills to something that matters. Worley Parsons has provided me with this opportunity. 

In the short time I have worked here at the Brisbane office, I have already worked on two large Australian projects. During this period, I have had the opportunity to:

  • Personally conduct calculations and simulations on a variety of software,
  • Learn about and apply the logistical side of engineering including undertaking Project Engineering geared tasks, 
  • Liaise directly and meet face-to-face with clients regarding design changes and other queries,
  • Be mentored by a number of highly experienced Principal Engineers and Managers who have provided me with an incredible base to build my career on; and,
  • Maintain a great work-life balance both within and outside working hours (finishing at lunch on Fridays isn’t so bad).

I hope to also take advantage of the Rotation opportunities around Australia that Worley Parsons offers as part of its Graduate Program (along with some other recently employed graduates). I’ve always acknowledged that possessing a solid foundation in any aspect of life will place me in great steed for the future. Therefore, I feel extremely fortunate to be a graduate here at Worley Parsons!

Spruce up with your best interview attire and come down to the 2019 Careers Fair on Wednesday, 20 March from 10am – 2pm.