UQ Careers Fair

21 March 2018


UQ Centre (Building 27)

The Careers Fair brings together UQ students and major employers from across the country.

Students are invited to attend the Fair to meet employers, each of whom will have their own booth and display area. For UQ students, the event offers a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with leading employers from government and private industry.

The Careers Fair enables students to explore their career opportunities and obtain specific information about individual companies. In addition, a number of participants will be giving away useful information on finding employment, preparing resumes and performing well at job interviews.

How to prepare

If you want to make a good impression on an employer you should consider the following

Act the part

Before you attend you should dress in the appropriate attire including footwear and bags.

When you are at the event introduce yourself and use positive body language. Stand tall, firm handshake, good eye contact, be yourself and smile!


Find out which employers will be attending the event and do some research on the organisation and their industry.

From this research, you should then create a list of questions you can ask employers to demonstrate your interest.

Find participating employers


For employers

For employers

Registrations for the 2018 Careers Fair are now open and can be found on your employer portal on StudentHub.

For further information regarding the Careers Fair, please contact careers@uq.edu.au