Veronica - Sciences Po

B Arts
Winter 2023
I now have lifelong friends scattered around the world.


I wante to improve my French, live in Paris for a month and get credit for a course for my French major.

Personal Development

My French has improved dramatically. I feel like I have gained travel experience. I am less naive and more confident exploring unfamiliar places. I feel much more resilient and better at dealing with homesickness.

Academic Development

The course's intensive style and immersion in a French city meant that my French improved rapidly. I gained confidence in my language ability. I left the course with excellent resources and an understanding of how I can continue my language learning journey.

Professional Development

Due to my grandfather's poor health, I had to reschedule some assessment. I was proactive and spoke to my teacher as soon as I knew wasn't going to able to do my presentation on my allocated day. She was understanding and together we organised a time for me to do it. This experience reminded me how important it is to communicate with your colleagues, superiors and teachers and more often than not, they want to help but can't if they don't know there is a problem. I feel more resilient and confident.


I bought an unlimited public transport card for the month, totalling 84 euros. I took the metro and walked everywhere. I quickly found the cheapest local supermarket and ate mostly food that I had purchased at the supermarket. Instead of going out for drinks and dinner, we often went as a group to the supermarket and had a picnic dinner in the park. I took a risk and bought my flights in December 2022 for $3000 (before I was accepted into the programme). I found out from an Australian girl that I met that she booked her flights after she was accepted and paid $4500. I am glad I booked early.


I received just over $6000AUD in the form of the Cynthia Burnett Travel Scholarship. The money I received covered my tuition fees and my accommodation costs.


I booked my accommodation in October 2022 for the month of July 2023. My friend and I both applied for the same programme at Sciences Po and planned to live together. She found an apartment on Stayz for 3000 euros for the entire month. It was perfect - 15-minute walk from the university, located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and free cancellation until May 2023. All the friends we made were amazed that we were able to find such a great apartment. Some were staying with host families, few in the residence (as there are limited spots and you aren't told if you have one until mere months before the programme starts), and others in expensive apartments much further away. My advice would be to research and book early, look for somewhere with free cancelation and book before you get your acceptance.


The friendships. I now have lifelong friends scattered around the world. Having people to study with, see the sites with, eat with and party with is what makes the experience.

Advice/Top Tips

Make an effort from the start to engage with your classmates and make friends. Everyone is in the same boat - nobody knows anyone and everyone wants to meet people.