Jingyu - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

B Business Management
Semester 2, 2022


Experiencing various campus life, see how Asian universities differ from others, meet new friends from different culture background.

Personal development

Office of academic link in CU organise lots of activities, lots of them are culture related. As a Chinese student, I got the opportunities to share Chinese culture and food with other students, which made me proud. I also met students who plan to take an exchange next semester in UQ, and got the opportunity to share my experience in UQ with them.

Academic development

In CU, all the grades are not calculate by mark, but curve (students get the grade according to the rank). When the test of quiz is difficult, most of students can get a fairly satisfied grade by that, but sometimes all students did a good job, and students may get a low grade by the difference of 3-4 marks. Moreover, we need to complete one more course than in UQ to be identified as full-time student, the workload is a little bit heavier than in UQ, but not much difference in the overall difficulty.

Professional development

My major is international business, and in UQ I always be required to reflect more in an Australian perspective, while in CU I always need to reflect in a more Asian way. It makes me know how cases differ when we see that from different standpoint. HR course is also different from that in UQ, I learned more about how HR in Hong Kong select candidate, and how to get prepare for an interview and what should I include and not include in a resume. In China, I need to attach my photo in resume, while in Hong Kong it's not permitted. The format of resume is also very differ from the one I used in China.


  • Accommodation: 8000 hkd/semester
  • Food: 100 hkd/day+200 hkd/week for restaurant
  • Transport: 20 hkd/week with student discount (half price)
  • As school canteen open almost everyday, and students can live in dorm, 4000hkd is enough for daily expenditure (not include shopping)


I use the funding to travel and eat a lot. Incoming exchange students have a organisation in CU, and we used to hang out together (we went to Disney land, Cheung Chau island, Victoria peak, etc...).


I really like the student hostel in CU, there's lots of option, students can even watch sea view (although I'm not lucky enough to live in a dorm with sea view). We have lots of activities, some even last till midnight  (watch world cup together with snacks), and Shaw lane which we can see lots of students set up stalls sell alcohol, toys, snacks, and even domestic singers singing).


Culture difference and meeting new friends.

Advice/Top tips

Don't bring a lot of cloth and beddings, there's an IKEA really near CU. Bring some cash, as exchange students are not permitted to have HKID card, and hence can't have HK bank card, withdraw cash by union card in other countries always require some service charge.