Benjamin - University of Bristol

B Economics
Semester 2, 2019
An experience I will never forget

Academic experience

I did ECON30065 (Applied Economics) POLI30009 (Political Economy of China) and ECON20023 (Growth and Development). I loved the partcipation levels that came with the classes in the UK - everyone actually shows up and participates. Classmates are easy to get along with and happy to help. Just ensure that you have no timetable clashes - uni policy is that there can be no timetable clashes - even with online recorded lectures.

Personal experience

Confidence in any situation. I did a lot of travelling alongside my exchange, and some of it was solo. You learnt to be extremely comfortable chatting to anyone, and doing anything that you want to do. Just say yes to everything you can do!


I was off campus in Stoke Bishop, one of the uni halls. The halls are only available to first years and exchange students, which makes it very easy to make friends. In the UK, everyone moves away for uni, so everyone is in the same boat. No one knows anyone, and everyone is out to have fun. Stoke Bishop is the more 'social' of the areas in Bristol, but it is a bit further out. Despite this, the bus into uni is free and easy.


I was in a catered hall, so the only things I had to buy were experiences like sports tickets, travelling expenses, snacks and alcohol. As for how much that comes to is up to you, but I would recommend just doing anything you can.


Leaving! It sounds like a cliche, but I grew so fond of the people who I met and became friends with, it made it very hard to leave. Ensure you stay in touch with your family and friends back home so that you can remain connected with them. It makes it easier to handle being away for so long.

Professional Development

Being able to handle any sort of problem when it arises. You will have trains, planes, buses cancelled. Luggage won't turn up. Things will get booked out. Learning how to remain calm and think of a backup solution is such a valuable skill, which can be applied to any business. That and the confidence you gain to be able to take on any challenge, and being able to form a social relationship with people from all different backgrounds.


So many to choose from! Travel wise, going to Chernobyl and seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland are two obvious highlights. From exchange alone, it was just making genuine friendships with the people there. These aren't just exchange friendships - they truly are friends for life.

Top tips

Get involved in everything Bristol has to offer. It is a truly fantastic city with so much going on. University wise, do everything you can. There are so many clubs there doing crazy things. I played in the pool and darts team which involved playing other unis all of the country. Bristol is what you make of it. Put yourself out there, don't be afraid of anything!