Mary - LSE Summer School: Session Two

B Advanced Finance & Economics
July 2019

My experience

The short term experience was a chance to travel the world, meet new people, and study in an international environment. Not only did the London School of Economics offer interesting courses, but I was able to gain credit for one of my compulsory subjects.

How has the experience changed you?

This experience, as cheesy as it sounds, made me learn more about myself, particularly with my experiences with friends and meeting others from around the world. I was able to develop closer relationships with people both from UQ and from countries such as America, Russia and Germany. Academically, I gained an insight into what studying in another country is like and how it differs from Australia. In fact, I have now decided I would like to go back to the UK to complete a Masters as I thoroughly enjoyed studying there. This experience surprisingly helped me professionally, as I now have conversations about my trip in interviews and going there during the Brexit Deliberations has given me an insight into a major event relevant to my degree.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory was taking part in the LSE social events where I took a trip to Harry Potter world. As I am a massive fan it was beyond exciting and heaps of fun.

Top tips

My main advice would be to try to make new friends. It is all too easy to stick with the people you know however you can do this anytime. Making international friends is a once in a lifetime opportunity and makes the experience all the more worthwhile. Additionally, I would recommend travelling to other countries and cities before, during or after the experience. Most of my highlights from the trip were from the holidays in Greece or the day trips to Oxford and Cambridge.