Hau Yau - Graz International Summer School

B Psychological Science (Hons)
July 2019

My experience

Firstly, I would like to study something outside my field within the break that I can transfer some credits. Secondly, I would like to travel to somewhere that I have never been to. Lastly, I would like to make some new friends and be friends with people that I cannot meet in UQ.

How has the experience changed you?

Personally, I am more able to speak with a wider audience. I was given many chances to speak on stage. It was nerve-racking, but by small challenges one time at a time, I am confident to demonstrate my opinion with a crowd of 100 people. Academically, I understand the topic of ageing more with perspectives from different fields and cultures. This broadens my knowledge and understanding of the social situations of various European countries. In short, ageing is not only biologically but also culturally. We age with our peers and technologies.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory is the country presentation, where every participating country needed to present about their country. I got the chance to present my motherland, Hong Kong, with everyone. Moreover, I got to know different countries that I did not know they exist in the world. This also creates opportunities for us to chat and understand more in depth from other participants. I would say this is the start of our deepening friendships.

Top tips

Firstly, please read carefully on your program details and especially the schedule. If you do not like them, switch to another program as soon as possible. The program I was in was very intense, where I was not aware of it. In result, due to lack of rest, I was sick for 2 days in a 2-week program. Secondly, give some courage to speak with others. It may not be the usual you, but getting a buddy can always ease your difficulties in a place that you have never been. Moreover, you will have a person to take pictures with and for you. Thirdly, get some medication and mosquito repellents to prevent being sick.