Rachel - Harvard Summer School

B Business Management/Journalism
July 2019

My experience

I decided to complete a short term experience because I knew I wanted to complete some study overseas but I wasn't as drawn to a six month program. I was also really excited by the idea of studying at Harvard, such a world class institution, and so the short term option was really perfect for me.

How has the experience changed you?

This experience has really changed me for the better. Personally, I was really pushed out of my comfort zone and I had to grow my confidence. While at times difficult, this was extremely rewarding and I have walked away from the experience with friends from across the world and a new respect for myself and what I am capable of. Academically, the course at Harvard really tested me, but it was also one of the best experiences of my life. I enjoyed the content and learnt so much within such a short time. Being surrounded from students from all over the world really broadened by worldview. My lecturer was also fantastic. I know that this experience will translate very well into my professional life and I look forward to using my new skills and calling on my connections in the future. From completing this subject I also have a better idea of what career I would like to pursue.

Favourite memory

I have several, but my favourite memory is probably joining up with a big group of UQ students to travel to New York City for a long weekend. We had a wonderful time exploring and getting to know each other. Some of these students have become my good friends back home.

Top tips

My advice for future students would be to start the process early, as applying for the visa and getting all the necessary documents sorted is quite time consuming. I would also recommend connecting with other UQ students before going so that you have some friendly faces around to make the first few days a bit less daunting! Overall, my number 1 tip would be to fully commit to the experience and take all opportunities whether they be academic, social or professional while you are abroad.