Julius - University of Vienna Summer School

B Commerce/Laws (Hons)
August 2019

My experience

Having seen many of my friends complete semester-long exchanges and rave about their overseas experiences, I was keen to also undertake some overseas study. The Universitat Wien Sommerhochschule offered the perfect combination of interesting subjects, spectacular surroundings and the ability to meet amazing students from across the world.

How has the experience changed you?

Through learning about international arbitration during the intensive Arbitration Academy course, I am now very interested in engaging with this area of practice. Additionally, the courses offered by the Sommerhochshule as a whole were an excellent compliment to the international-focus I've tried to achieve with my law electives. On a personal level, I feel incredibly fortunate to have met such a phenomenal group of students from across the world.

Favourite memory

It's a tie between summiting the Vormauerstein (climbing most of the mountain in torrential rain) and relaxing and reading a book on the Sommerhochschule dock on Lake Wolfgang.

Top tips

Make the most of the opportunities on offer. With two hikes/mountain climbs, windsurfing and tennis lessons, dance classes and social nights being just a few examples of the many activities available, get involved and meet as many people as possible to get the most out of the four weeks.