Maxwell - Stockholm University

B Commerce/Mathematics
Semester 1, 2019

Academic experience

I studied three courses: Corporate Finance, Introduction to Finance Mathematics, and Mathematical Modelling I. Their academic system was much more relaxed in its assessment due dates, assignment descriptions and behaviour in lectures. A challenge was getting accustomed to this less-structured style of teaching and navigating the University's many websites to find information on my courses. Enrolling in courses is very straight forward as I simply needed to email the course coordinator expressing my interest in studying a course.

Personal experience

I met many new people from a range of backgrounds; most of whom I'd never usually have the opportunity of meeting. Additionally, I got to see much of Europe, not just Sweden, during my stay there. Finally, this was my first time living out of home for an extended period of time, so I learnt many new skills revolving around this.


I lived off-campus, however my college, Lappis, was a 5 minute walk from my campus. I enjoyed the closeness of everything to accommodation and the many friends I made that lived there. There was also a social event happening pretty much every night which was nice. I would advise for future students to go out of their way to make friends with the other students living in their hall as early as possible, as this can only make your their more enjoyable.


My rent was fairly cheap, about 3000 AUD for the semester. Groceries are approximately the same price as in Australia, however, eating out at restaurants and fast food places is much more expensive than in Australia. I think about 15000 AUD would be an appropriate minimal budget figure to undergo an exchange in Stockholm.


The largest challenge I faced during my experience was the selection of courses at the host university, as I was rejected for two when I had already arrived in Stockholm which stressed me out. I overcame this through emailing the exchange coordinator and UQ and continually querying the course coordinators at Stockholm University to ask if there was any possible way I could participate in these courses. Eventually, I was accepted into them.

Professional Development

At Stockholm University, the focus was much more on team learning and team assessment. This really aided in developing my aptitude in working in groups and managing other personalities in a professional environment.


The highlight of my experience was seeing the northern lights in Abisko, which is in the far north of Sweden. It was about -25 degrees Celsius during this, but it was still incredible worthwhile despite the cold.

Top tips

My key advice for going on exchange to Stockholm would be to pack many warm clothes for the winter months and also to be prepared to step out of your shell and meet many new and exciting people.