Eugene - Shanghai Jiao Tong University

B Science
Semester 1, 2019
If you are interested in leadership or entreprenurship, this program can't be missed.

Academic experience

I attended the U21 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Young Leaders Summit. Although this was not a course-credit exchange, we were taught various lessons on business relations, entreprenurship skills and cultural understanding. One of the differences from UQ was that the classes were considerably smaller with only 15 students. As such, the lessons were considerably more interactive than I was accustomed to, which was a great help personally in understanding the content. In terms of the enrolment process, an application needs to be made both to UQ and the USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industries (ICCI) in order to be selected for the program with previous experience in leadership and entreprenurship highly desired.

Personal experience

The course assisted me in gaining a deeper insight into the culture and business practices common in China as well as developing networks with a number of Shanghai based startups and established businesses. I was also able to make great with other participants from around the world, all who had a keen interest in leadership and entreprenurship. Finally being able to explore the various temples gardens and other attractions around the Shanghai region will be unforgettable.


The accommodation is fantastic on this course with four or five star hotels with separate rooms offered for the entirety of the program.


All costs in Shanghai are covered by the program hosts including the hotel fees, food and transport. You will have to pay for flights to and from Shanghai and personal expenses such as shopping with a recommended budget of around $1500 AUD.


My biggest challenge during the experience was adjusting to the networking style in China. There is a greater influence on developing a more personal and trusting relationship rather than just initially talking about potential business propositions. Though, overcoming and learning from these kinds of challenges are the point of this program and I'll be sure to take these lessons to heart into the future.

Professional Development

In addition to understanding more about the cultural and business practices within China, the program provided an insight on how to better lead and motivate people as well as how to effectively grow an entrepreneurship. I believe these skills will be crucial to my future career and personal development as it has helped me become more confident and capable in the field.


The highlight of my experience was touring the Alibaba headquarters and receiving an inside look into the business motto and vision for the future. Learning from managers within the company was both insightful and useful for my development as a hopeful future Australian Asian leader.

Top tips

My top tip for this program would just be to keep an open mind and try your best to absorb as much as possible in the short two weeks. You will be exposed to so many different ideas and experiences which can really grow and help shape your experience and perspective in so many different topics.