Bronte - CIS Australia January in Barcelona

B Business Management
January 2019

My experience

I have always enjoyed travelling so the idea of being able to travel, experience a new culture and meet new people whilst studying was something that really excited me.

The experience helped me to gain plenty of independence and time-management skills. Completing a subject with 13-weeks worth of content in just under 3 weeks was very fast-paced, but I still managed to find lots of time to explore Barcelona and enjoy my time in a fantastic city.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory from the experience was the overnight trip to Girona - it was a beautiful city. I also enjoyed cooking traditional paella and visiting the amazing Sagrada Familia.

Top tips

Be as open as possible to all new experiences. Try to balance studies with exploring the city and getting involved in cultural experiences as much as possible. Learn a few key Spanish words and basic Spanish sentences before you go!