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2. HELP paying your fees – 2020 loan limit changes

Domestic Students

HELP paying your fees – 2020 loan limit changes

Australian Government HELP loans are available to assist eligible domestic students pay their tuition fees. From 1 January 2020 a combined HELP loan limit applies. This is a cap on what you can borrow from the Government to cover the cost of your tuition fees. HELP loans included in the combined HELP loan limit are your:

  • new HECS-HELP loans (1 January 2020 onwards); plus
  • existing and new FEE-HELP loans; plus
  • existing and new VET FEE-HELP and VET Student Loans.

What you have available to borrow is called your available HELP balance. Your available HELP balance is your HELP loan limit for a given year, minus your HELP loan borrowings.

For 2020, for most students the HELP loan limit is $106,319. For students studying medicine, dentistry* and veterinary science the limit is $152,700.

* UQ Bachelor of Dental Science (5yr) and Bachelor of Dental Science Honours.

For more information, see the Study Assist website.