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Opportunities exist for all year levels, start preparing for graduate employment now

It is never too early for you think about your future career and for you to start planning your next steps.

Many organisations offer graduate positions. Decide which companies interest you and research their positions for graduates, application dates and prepare your applications.​

 Be proactive

 Find organisations that suit you

 Build your practical skill set

Looking to explore your opportunities post graduation? The University of Queensland is participating in a number of online Virtual Careers Fairs in 2021 to help give your career a kickstart!

Resources for students and graduates

Make sure you are taking the right approach to help you stand out from the crowd.

Get the edge on your application with these useful fact sheets and video resources.
Learn about the Australian graduate recruitment cycle, internships and non-advertised opportunities.

For employers

Advertise your employment, internship or volunteer opportunity to UQ students and graduates.