Congratulations on being accepted into the Summer Research Program.

On this page, you can find information outlining the next steps through the program. The steps include information on how to apply, what to expect from the program, how to access resources and tools, and how to communicate the skills you will develop throughout your experience. 

2. Find out what you can expect

While some of our Summer and Winter Research scholars participate in the program on multiple occasions, for many of you this may be your first undergraduate research experience. While each research unit will have different procedures, please find a few tips and tricks below which may give you insight into what to expect when you commence your program.

UQ is a big place

So it might take a day or two to make sure you have access to your computer and library resources, and it might take some time to complete all the necessary HR and orientation paperwork.

You will have the chance to meet amazing people

Research happens at all levels of the university, and depending on your research environment it is likely that you will work with and be supervised by a variety of staff including your supervisor, postdoctoral researchers, research higher degree students, honours students and other scholars. Make the most of this opportunity to meet other people in your field!

You may be pushed out of your comfort zone

It is quite likely that you will be asked to work on research projects that are different to assessment that you have completed as a part of your program. Don't worry if you are expected to learn new things - that is the whole point of participating in the program. Never be afraid to ask questions or seek help from your supervisor or other staff in your research unit.

You may have more autonomy than you are used to

Many first time researchers are surprised that research can be a rather fluid and independent process. To help provide structure to your project, we encourage you to meet with your supervisor early in the research process to set goals, deadlines, and reporting lines.

It's not all glamour

Participation in undergraduate research is in many ways like a job, and while there is flexibility in the program you are expected to abide by the conditions of the program and your letter of offer. This means that you are expected to work regular working hours and complete set tasks. You might also be asked to complete jobs which seem a little repetitive - this is all a part of the research process and sometimes the most amazing discoveries are uncovered this way.

Have fun

Take advantage of this opportunity to meet the diverse range of people who work and study at UQ. You can meet other Summer Research scholars at centrally coordinated events such as the Summer Research Welcome and skills training seminars, as well as at other events coordinated by your research unit.

Need more information

General enquiries about the program can be directed to the Student Employability Centre at