Resume guide (PDF, 163 KB)

  • Learn the fundamentals of writing an effective resume

Cover Letter (PDF, 105.3 KB)

  • The basics of writing a targeted cover letter

Selection Criteria (PDF, 326.9 KB)

  • Build a professional response to selection criteria

Identify professional phrases (PDF, 58.9 KB)

  • Articulate your experiences and values

Master the elevator pitch (PDF, 53.7 KB)

  • Generate instant interest in your profile

Words to use in your applications (PDF, 88 KB)

  • Diversify your language

Resume review checklist (PDF, 54 KB)

  • Make sure you have included these items

Referees (PDF, 58.4 KB)

  • Identify and contact suitable referees

Your professional identity (PDF, 40.9 KB)

  • Building your professional brand