This session will cover: 

  • Introduction of Practera Nano Programs
  • How to participate?
  • Alumni
  • Q&A

Practera is an education technology and services company, connecting the world of work and learning through technology. Their mission is to create inspiring experiences that build employability skills, careers and opportunities for learners. They have offices and staff across six countries and a global technology-led vision.

Their programs:

  • Apply your knowledge to a real-world problem, connecting with an authentic industry client
  • Develop new peer and professional connections
  • Deliver real business outcomes for your client and build career-relevant insights.

Employers are continually seeking graduates with more work-ready skills. Practera works to meet this demand by delivering excellent experiential programs that build vital skills such as creativity, critical thinking, innovation, complex problem solving and many others.

This information session will be offered In Person and Online. Registration links are below: