Important event information on the day

In order for the University of Queensland to break the record for the Guiness World Record for the Mindfulness Lesson (Single Venue), all participants are expected to uphold the values and principles of the event. Please read more below

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If you can no longer attend the event

Please refund your free ticket on eventbrite so others have the opportunity to register. 

Before the event starts

Please be prepared and ensure that you can commit to the full 30 minute lesson. Arrive early, have your ticket ready and follow instructions for registration. Every participant will need to counted by a stewards on the day to ensure the record attempt is accurate. Please hand your ticket over and proceed to get your wrist band to enter. If you are late, you will not be counted towards the attempt. If you enter then exit the event once the lesson has started, you will not be counted towards the attempt. 

Arriving on time and getting to the venue

Please ensure you know how to get to the University of Queensland. A map of the campus and further information on parking and public transport can be found on the homepage.

Please arrive on time. Aim to get to the event earlier than the time specified. We anticipate a large amount of participants, so please factor in traffic delays,  finding your way around UQ, and time it takes to register yourself for the event. The University of Queensland is a large campus and it is easy to get lost. Please view a campus map for more details on where to go.

Gates open at 10.30am and registration closes at 11.15am sharp. Please do not arrive late. If you are late you will not be able to take part in the record attempt and your registration will not be counted towards the attempt.

Registration on the day

A) If you are not registered and signed in by 11.15am, you risk missing out on being part of the attempt and your registration will note be counted.

B) Upon entry you will receive a wrist band. This will be used to identify you as a Guinness World Record Participant. You will also need to use your wrist band to collect your free meal at the close of the event. 



Leaving or disengaging on the day

A) PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR FULL ATTENTION: Every participant counted who is within the barriers of the attempt area should fully participate in the attempt to the best of their ability. Those participants who are not engaging in the event will not be counted towards the attempt.

B) EVIDENCE OF THE EVENT: There wil be verification methods and evidence that the record attempt went ahead on the day. This means there will be an official Guinness World Records adjudicator, supporting stewards and CCTV footage on the day to ensure the rules of the record are not broken. This evidence is for Guinness World Records only and will not be shared elsewhere.

C) LEAVING THE EVENT AREA: Participants who leave the event area before the attempt is over will not be counted towards the attempt. Please ensure you are capable of completing the full lesson (11.30am - 12.00). If you do not take part in the full 30 minutes, you will not be counted towards the attempt. 

D) NO MOBILE PHONES: Please do not bring your phone into the event space. If you must, please turn your phone off and leave it in your bag. If you are caught texting/taking a phone call/taking a photo/taking a selfie/or glancing at your phone, the adjudicator may deem you 'disengaged from the event' and will automatically disqualify you. There will be opportune time at the end of the event to take photos.

E) RESPECT THE EVENT: Please be respectful to those participating in the event. Mindfulness is about being present in the moment and connecting with your surroundings. If you are not able to participate for the full 30 minutes, please partake outside the attempt zone so you do not distract others. If you are caught disengaging, or not participating in the lesson while in the official attempt zone, you may be disqualified and your registration no longer counted towards the attempt. 

Toilet breaks

Please note that there are no toilets within the attempt area. If you leave the event area during the lesson time, you will not be counted towards the attempt. The lesson will go for a full 30 minutes so we strongly encourage all participants to use nearby toilets before or after the event. 

Bringing children

While the public are welcome to view and attend  and participate in the event, we do advise that if your child requires attention or needs to exit the event space for any reason, unfortunately you and your child will no longer be counted towards the attempt. In order to avoid distracting others on the day, we suggest taking part in the event by participating outside the designated event zone. 

Alcohol free event

This is an alcohol free event. You will be refused entry if you are intoxicated or drink on the premises and will be automatically disqualified from the attempt.

Wet weather on the day

Please note that the Guinness World Record attempt will go ahead in rain or sunshine. Please bring warm clothes to keep warm, and a rain jacket in case it drizzles. Ponchos will be provided on the day in the event of showers. In the unlikely event of severe weather where attending the event is deemed a risk, the event will be cancelled in full and the attempt will be considered unsuccessul. 

Disability access

The event will have disability access for those who need it. Please indicate on your registration if you require disability access or additional assistance on the day.