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2. UQ's hidden writing support treasure!

Submitted by Aidan Waldron

Do your ideas become clearer when you share them? Do you make greater strides talking about writing problems than just thinking about them? Do you wish there was a place you could engage in a friendly, no pressure, co-constructive, writing-focused learning experience with peers?  If you’ve responded yes to these questions, then Peer Writing Support is right up your street.

Hidden beneath the Pizza Café, like a treasure trove beneath another, oilier, treasure trove, Peer Writing Support offers you the opportunity to have a friendly chat with an experienced student about your assignments, be they essays, journal entries, or anything in between. The student mentors you’ll get to chat with will be happy to share some tricks of the trade regardless of what you’re working on, and what you want to work on is up to you! You can chat about getting your structure that little bit clearer, or making sure your formatting looks svelte. Or maybe you just want to find out whether that “brilliant” idea makes sense to anyone but you at 1am on a Thursday night. Whatever it is that you’re not sure about, someone at Peer Writing Support will be more than happy to help you develop your writing skills so that you can walk away feeling (at least a little) happier and more confident about your own writing.

So come say hi one of these Tuesday Mornings (9-11am) or Thursday Afternoons (2-4pm)! I promise we don’t bite, you’ll get more out of it than you expected, and at the end of the day, there’s always pizza upstairs.

Peer Writing Support : Bring Your Draft