Application to, and participation in, one of The University of Queensland’s Internships and Global Experiences is subject to the following terms and conditions: 

  1. Although UQ may accept me to participate in an experience, officials at the Host Institution or Host Organisation will make the final decision regarding the outcome of my application. 

  1. The period of the experience is outlined in my application. I cannot extend my experience at the host institution/organisation once I have been accepted by UQ. 

  1. The University of Queensland will disclose relevant personal and academic information I have provided with the Host Institution or Host Organisation for the purpose of facilitating my experience. This information may be subject to the privacy provisions of the host country. 

UQ-specific Requirements 
  1. I am responsible for ensuring that my contact details on MySI-net are accurate. 

  1. I am responsible for checking my UQ email account regularly. If I wish to use an alternative email, I will arrange for my student email to be forwarded to that account. This can be set up through UQ Connect at the following website: UQ Student Email Redirection Options

  1. If my global experience impacts on the start of the following UQ semester, I am responsible for catching up on any missed course content and assignments, informing the relevant academics of my absence, and enrolling in UQ courses before the appropriate deadlines. 

University Representation and Conduct 
  1. While preparing for and undertaking my experience, I am a representative of The University of Queensland and will abide by the UQ Student Charter and all other policies that guide student conduct. 

  1. Throughout my experience, I will abide by the standards, policies and regulations of any Host Institution or Host Organisation forming a part of this program. If I fail to meet or abide by the relevant standards, policies or rules of the Host Institution or Host Organisation, or otherwise cause concern, these organisations may notify UQ of my behaviour. 

Sponsored Students/Students in Receipt of Foreign Scholarships 
  1. I am responsible for confirming with my sponsor, International Scholarships, and/or UQ Scholarships whether I am eligible to participate in an experience, and how this may impact my sponsored status. 

International Students 
  1. I am responsible for researching the impact that my participation in an experience may have on my current and future visa status in Australia, including the timelines for completing my study. 

  1. I am responsible for registering my own government’s Foreign Affairs registration system so that my government will be able to contact me in the event of an emergency. 

  1. I am responsible for researching and understanding the full financial implications involved in my experience and agree to pay all required fees in full by the published deadlines to the appropriate recipients. 

Travel Arrangements (Global & Domestic Experiences Only) 
  1. I will not finalise travel (purchase flights in full, pay for accommodation in full etc.) until: 

  • I have received my approval from UQ 
  • Any course equivalency requests have been approved by my Faculty  
  • I have received an official acceptance letter from the Host Institution or Host Organisation AND 
  • I have obtained my student visa or other entry permit (if required). 
  1. I am responsible for managing my own accommodation, transport, passport and visas for my experience. 

  1. I am responsible for complying with all entry requirements of the host country and any other country/countries I am transiting through. 

Insurance Coverage (Global & Domestic Experiences Only) 

  1. All UQ approved travel is to be registered with International SOS, this includes domestic and international. Please refer to the ISOS User Guide to ensure your travel is registered and updated.   

  1. I understand that UQ Insurance will only cover me for the country in which my experience takes place. 

  1. I am responsible for ensuring that I have any health and travel insurance coverage required by my Host Institution or Host Organisation. 

  1. UQ travel insurance cover for approved UQ travel has not changed. If your experience is cancelled or adjusted, and you need to cancel or change booked travel arrangements as a result (e.g. flights or accommodation), the UQ travel insurance policy will not respond to travel cancellation and disruption claims relating to or resulting from COVID-19 for travel arranged on or after 4pm (AEDT) on 2 March 2020. If you are able to undertake your experience, UQ travel insurance cover for medical and medical evacuation expenses is subject to full policy terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. For more information refer to UQ Travel FAQs.  

  1. I must exercise due diligence in planning and undertaking approved UQ travel. Failure to exercise due diligence could mean that insurance cover is not available for medical expenses incurred as a result. For more information refer to UQ Travel FAQs.  

Safety and Security (Global & Domestic Experiences Only) 
  1. I am responsible for my own safety and security while traveling to undertake my experience. 

  1. I am responsible for checking the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website and the COVID-19 Restriction Checker to check travel and other restrictions before booking any travel. 

  1. I understand that UQ cannot support participation in an experience in any location that is subject to UQ travel restrictions or allocated a Smartraveller status of ‘reconsider your need to travel’ or higher. I understand that I may incur financial losses if this status changes between application to and commencement of my experience. 

Last updated 17 May 2021