Elizabeth Dominguez Rodriguez

Embassy of Cuba

Being an intern at the Cuban Embassy in Australia offered a great opportunity  to use my background, language, culture and knowledge to understand barriers between countries, tourism development, business and worldwide economy.

During the internship I came across with a diversified group of people that contributed to my knowledge.
This internship gave me a specific skill set that enhanced my development and understanding about Embassy practices. I learned how to build relationships and how to apply practices that can be applied in tourism and hospitality industries around the world.

It improved my critical thinking skills, which can be applied while doing research at UQ.
It also improved my knowledge about international relationships. I learned about Australian and Cuban politics, I have a better understanding of trade practices and how to prioritize and to synthesize information for the daily news letter.

Highlight: I got to meet most of the Latin American Ambassadors, they were all extremely polite and shared as much knowledge as they could. I was able to connect with people from different Embassies, because we all shared a Latin background, so I constantly felt special.

Advice: I would advise them to work on their Spanish (A LOT)!!
Being a native Spanish was a great advantage. I understood exactly what they wanted and how to achieve it. I was also able to build personal relationships with Ambassadors and co-workers in the Cuban Embassy and other Latin American Embassies, just because I was able to talk to them about anything and everything!


Master of Tourism