Kate Goodfruit

New Colombo Plan Scholar
UQ HASS Peer Mentoring Community Program
Customer service and food handling
Max Brenner
Supplementary activities
conference participant; conference presenter; language course; short-term global experience and exchange program.

Through the Employability Award, I have been fortunate to participate in many amazing experiences and meet fantastic individuals. My experience as a New Colombo Plan Scholar in Japan, and the subsequent activities I completed through this program and the Employability Award, were instrumental for my development.

It is arguably the best experience I have had to date, as I experienced the world of diplomacy first-hand through interning at the Australian Embassy, developed networks and connections with leaders around the globe, and reinforced confidence in myself and my abilities to achieve.

My participation in the Employability Award was instrumental for enhancing my employability. By backing up my academic achievements with solid professional and volunteering experience, I was able to develop a variety of skills and capabilities that are vital to operating in the workforce. Developing valuable networks and connections ensured that I have support in my future career direction and that I can progressively work towards realising my aspirations of a Diplomatic career. Additionally, being involved in the Award reinforced my passion and enthusiasm for International Relations and Japanese, confirming my aspirations for the future.

Following graduation, I will move to Canberra to participate in the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities' 2019 Graduate Development Program.

To any students considering the program, I would recommend that you remain flexible and adaptive to whatever opportunities and experiences become available. The more chances to be involved in initiatives, the more likely you are to develop personally and professionally. Don't be hesitant to get involved and challenge yourself; you will be surprised how you can achieve when you push yourself outside your comfort zone.


Awards and achievements
Employability Award


Bachelor of International Studies