Hooman Baghaie

Oral Presentation Winner
Undergraduate Research Conference 2016

The key benefits I gained from participating in the Undergraduate Research Conference was practice at public speaking and meeting some new research enthusiasts. 

The URC was an excellent opportunity for me to present my research, create connections within the research industry and to build my CV. This opens doors for future collaborative research. It was also at a very convenient time and location and the participation was free of charge. 

The motivation behind my research was to  gain experience in the design and implementation of meta-analyses and systematic reviews. ​We showed that individuals with eating disorders have considerably poorer teeth compared to others. We published the results in British Journal of Psychiatry to bring dental health to the attention of psychiatric personnel that routine work with those with eating disorders.The conference allowed me to build on my ability to present research in a non-dental setting​

The Undergraduate Research Conference is a wonderful opportunity to present your research findings. It allows you to gain experience in public speaking, it puts you in contact with like-minded students and makes you and your resumé stand out from others. It is perfect stepping stone towards presenting at more advanced (and often more costly) National and International Conferences. I would highly recommend it.  



Bachelor of Dental Science