Masako - CIS Australia July in Los Angeles

Bachelor of Business Management
July 2018

My experience

I made my decision to take this short-term exchange in Los Angeles for 6 weeks based on the location, school and the max amount of credits I could get. There was only a few programs with an allowance of 4 credits thus, options were limited. But, I've always dreamt about going to the US and heard good reputations about the host university, UCLA so it was a good chance for me. I took two communication courses, "Celebrity, Fame, and Social Media" and "Inside Hollywood". The courses were something I could never have done at UQ and really unique to the location, LA. The style of teaching and studying was very different from UQ as well. They had much less controls over the topics and contents of the each assignments e.g. without any marking rubrics. When I asked my professor if there were any rubrics I can use it as guidance, my professor reflected that in real world you are not getting a rubric for each work you are given, but have to pitch it yourself. It was challenging for me to complete a new area of study I have never done in a totally different style, however I learnt so much more than just academic knowledge.

How has the experience changed you?

It was my first time going to US and this experience with local students completely broke my stereotype of the country and the people in a good way.

Favourite memory

My favorite memory was a trip to San Diego and joined a huge American gay festival called "Pride" focusing on the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.  It was something I would never seen and experienced in Australia, and I will not forget how happy everyone there looked.

Top tips

I recommend to bring enough dresses for parties because there is a lot of opportunities there. Plus if you are deciding to live in a dormitory, its probably a good idea to bring a little basket you can carry your toiletries so its easier to carry between your room and to the shared bathroom.