Xinyue - NTU Short-Term Summer Program

Bachelor of Communication
July 2018

My experience

I chose this programme because I think Singapore is a multicultural country, it is worth studying there. On the other hand, NTU is one of the top universities in the world so that I want to experience the studying life there. I chose courses "arts across the borders" and "communication design". Both of them are relevant to my degree. In the course "arts across the borders", we studied outside the classroom and discover the local culture along the road and Singapore museum. In "communication design", we learnt skills in PS and AI and design our own profiles and logos. In this experience, my favourite aspects are to discover interesting things outside the classroom, learn more things from activities and be creative in life.

How has the experience changed you?

In the programme, I made a lot of friends in the same classes and NTU's activities. It is really good to meet different people from different countries and backgrounds. The courses I chose made me pay more attention to details in life and discover the wonderful things by myself.

Favourite memory

Every time we went outside the classroom in the course "arts across the borders", we can draw whatever we want or the typical things we saw on the notebooks no matter the structure was right or not. I haven't paint for a long time until I joined in the class there. That notebook recorded my best memory for the course.

Top tips

If you attend this programme, follow the tutors, enjoy the travel activities hold by NTU and discover the culture from the details.


I received $1000 Travel Grant in this exchange program from UQ. The funding was really helpful to me. It supported me to attend the activities need to pay in the local area and to buy the learning materials. It also reduced my parents' burden. I really appreciate it.