Moksha - AIM Rome Architectural Sketchbook

Bachelor of Architectural Design
July 2018

My experience

I completed the AIM Rome Architectural Sketchbook program held from 30 June – 21 July 2018. I chose this course as it allowed me to improve my skills in observing and documenting the built environment. Through this course I was given the opportunity to work in different locations around Rome to refine my sketching technique and further develop my own style of graphical representation. I was also able to participate in a video production and photography elective as part of this course. This taught me how to storyboard my ideas and create a narrative through my work. Through this course I further improved my sketching technique and gained valuable skills in video production and photography that have aided me in communicating my design concepts. I thoroughly enjoyed this course, the experience I gained, and friends I made through it.

How has the experience changed you?

Through this experience I have made friends with students from other Australian universities and other universities around the world which will be valuable future connections for me. This experience has also enhanced my global awareness, particularly with regards to the effects of mass tourism in European cities.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory was being able to sketch ancient monuments around Rome. To be in a city where there was such ingenuity in architecture especially throughout the Renaissance and walk through monuments designed by architectural legends we learn about in university was truly surreal.

Top tips

I would thoroughly recommend a short-term experience to anyone who is considering it. I would also recommend that those thinking of doing a course in Europe or anywhere for that matter do some travel before/during/after the course. Really utilise your weekends during the course to go to different countries. And try and go to a few places before and after.


I received a $1000 Travel Grant. This Travel Grant provided me with funds to travel to other cities during my time in Rome. I was lucky enough to do a weekend trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia as a result.