Kaveisha Saba - Antai Global Summer Program: July Session

Bachelor of Commerce
July 2018

My experience

I chose this experience because it was related to my degree and I also got the insight of China and the advantages and disadvantages of working there in future. I studied various courses in this experience and a few of them were digital marketing and cross cultural communication. I found it relevant to my degree and my favourite aspect of studying abroad was a classroom full of diversified students and having different opinions on different aspects.

How has the experience changed you?

I have gained many friendships that I still keep in contact with to this very day, I have explored a few smaller cities away from Shanghai and their development. I also got to enhance my Chinese language skills as I have learnt Chinese when I was younger.

Favourite memory

The whole experience was my favourite memory as I never had a dull moment on the 3 weeks I was there.

Top tips

I would just advice students to download VPN from their home country as china has blocked every type of social media except for WeChat and Yahoo. I never knew that before arriving there and I found it a trouble for the first couple of days then I got it sorted.


Travel Grant- I used the travel grant by applying for my China visa and also I used it as my expenses while I was there.