Miona - University of Exeter Summer School

Bachelor of Science
July 2018

My experience

I made the decision to apply for the Exeter International Summer School Program after hearing some wonderful feedback from a friend who had attended this program in 2017. She told me about the beautiful university campus, the countless opportunities she had that she never would have done if not for this program, the lifelong friends she had made and the outstanding academic program. I chose to study Preventive Medicine as it lent itself to the field I am currently studying, Biomedical Science, with the prospect of starting medicine in 2019. The course was definitely worthwhile to my current degree and I got insight into several aspects of medicine I had not been exposed to at UQ. Granted, it is a 3 week course so the workload is fairly relaxed which makes the learning experience that more enjoyable and interactive. I had a small class which also lent itself to more one on one discussions with professor/student and group discussion/debates. I think having a small class filled with students from all over the world has to be my favourite aspect while studying in Exeter.

How has the experience changed you?

I definitely gained an alternative international perspective about important topics in medical fields and how these integrate health and wellbeing in everyday life, in a fun, interactive learning environment. I made professional connections with international professors – that in fact make regular visits to UQ funnily enough – in hopes that one day my research and studies might take me abroad. I was given the opportunity to explore London to its depths and learn about the English history and culture through a variety of activities. I have made lifelong friends from all over the world through the experiences we shared together, from sharing a kitchen and living room with other students, learning to cook different cuisines and even learning some different languages. My only negative about the whole experience is that it wasn’t long enough.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory by far would have to be climbing the Hound Tor at Dartmoor National Park. Let’s just say I probably wasn’t adequately dressed for the occasion but this did not hinder the experience, not one bit. The sun was shining and climbing on top helping me get that one bit closer to breaking my fear of heights. Seeing the world from that height, surrounded by bright green rolling hills really made me appreciate the experiences I had while in England and the beautiful friends I have made. I will never forget that moment.

Top tips

I think a summer/winter exchange program is a great way of getting the ‘exchange’ experience if you have limited time. The trip is short and sweet but jam packed with amazing experiences and the people you get to meet absolutely make your experience. Get in early, actually plan to do a short term exchange, you will not regret it. Definitely save an elective course for your exchange study as this is the easiest way to get credit through your faculty. And if you are second guessing, don’t, just go for it.


I was fortunate enough to receive the OS Help Loan and a Scholarship totalling to approximately $7000.00.
This greatly contributed to my experience as is payed for my flights return, the program fee itself, with plenty remaining for travel, food and experiences while in England.