Praveen - EWB Malaysia Humanitarian Design Summit

Bachelor of Engineering/Commerce
July 2018

My experience

I wanted to learn how to approach humanitarian engineering and see how I could potentially dive into this line of work. Studied human centred design and how to incorporate such interactive approaches to a project. It was highly worthwhile I was able to gauge the type of work needed to tackle significant issues faced in lower economic places. Additionally, built relationships with everyone involved in the program that definitely can last a lifetime. My favourite aspect was the interaction I made with locals and the relationships made with all the students.

How has the experience changed you?

Gained friendships with dynamic groups with different interests but the same mindset. This experience has changed me professionally as it aligned me with what I truly want to get out of engineering, which is to reduce poverty, build sustainability and liveable conditions for all third-world countries.

Favourite memory

My fondest memory of the experience is our last day with our group, where we simply ate traditional Malay food and reflected on our time as a team expressing our opinions on what we truly took from the summit and each other.

Top tips

Advice don't book return flight home immediately you may want to travel around with the students you meet from the program.


Yes I received an OS Help Loan and the Colombo Plan Mobility Grant. Received $8000 for the loan where I used on flights and other travelling expenses, and $3000 for the Grant that paid for the program itself.