Tomea - University of Vienna Summer School

Bachelor of Laws/Economics (Hons)
July 2018

My experience

I was interested in furthering my knowledge in European Studies and thought  to do so in an international environment was all too ideal. The ability to interact in an international classroom was something I was also looking forward to and hoped that it would help to further my interests in such studies. Institutional frameworks of the European Union, Refugee law, Investment law and Arbitration as well as Information law and Society were all subject fields that I was very interested in before taking part in this Summer School. On completion of these subjects, it is safe to say that such interests have been heightened. The teaching staff also allowed for an engaging and stimulating classroom, one in which class discussion was paramount - something I really enjoyed and had not had a lot of exposure to before at UQ.

How has the experience changed you?

I have come away from the experience with everlasting memories and lifelong friendships. Over the 4 week program I was able to develop a high level of communicative skills through taking part in group work, class presentations and socialising outside of classroom time. The program also allowed for extra-curricular activities such as day trips to neighbouring towns, sporting activities, local festivals and concerts.

Favourite memory

Many afternoons were spent down at the lake. Here we were able to read, socialise, swim and even learnt windsurfing. This time spent with friends was probably the highlight of my experience.

Top tips

I think this program can cater to a wide range of individuals and for this reason would recommend it to anyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge in European Studies whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Strobl.


I received a Travel Grant of $1,000. This funding contributed to my flights, accommodation and tuition fees.