Elizabeth - School of Economics Sichuan University 2018 Summer School

Bachelor of Business Management/International Hotel and Tourism Management
July 2018

My experience

I chose this experience because I am very interested in China, in particular the culture, people and the food. I studied Mandarin so I also wanted the opportunity to practice some of my learned skills. I studied intercultural competence during the program which correlates with my international business and tourism studies. It was great to have the perspective of the Chinese students in the class and there were so many different cultures present it was really insightful to hear how everyone interpreted what we were learning.

How has the experience changed you?

China is extremely different to life in Australia and even other countries that I've travelled to. Hardly anybody at all speaks English so at times it was difficult to get around but it did mean I had a chance to practice my Mandarin speaking which definitely came in handy. I loved all of the places we were able to go to, there were such beautiful ancient structures you just don't see here at home so it was wonderful to see and hear about all of the history and culture. I met and made so many amazing friends from China and all over Europe. We all had to present on our countries so it was really great to learn all about the other countries and customs.

Favourite memory

I loved all of the friends I made during the trip and I have kept in contact with them since. I also loved all of the amazing places that we got to visit, I felt so fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit such a unique country and meet all of these new foreign people and experience another culture in a really immersive way.

Top tips

Make sure to ask the university if there's anybody else from UQ doing the exchange so you can swap contact details. Unfortunately I didn't find out that two students from UQ were also doing the program until a few weeks before and I would've loved to have known so we could have travelled together and made more plans. I made great friends with both of them and it would've been so nice to have met earlier to coordinate things. It's also a good idea to learn some mandarin before going as not many people speak english and having a translation app.


UQ Employability Grant. I received a total of $1000. This contributed primarily to my flights/visa, as well as food and activities. I was extremely appreciative of the grant and it made the entire experience much more enjoyable.