Jenny - LSE Summer School: Session Two

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
July 2018

My experience

Choosing LSE made sense as London is known as a commercial hub and it proved all my expectations and beyond. 
During my exchange, I studied Management and Analysis of Financial Risk (equivalent to Derivatives and Risk Management at UQ). The course tied together many elements of my Commerce degree and extended concepts to challenge students. Studying overseas made for a wonderful experience in terms of delivery of course content, being able to meet new friends and participate in culturally diverse events.

How has the experience changed you?

The experience was enlightening with respect to the scale and speed of London as a city. It showed me that time management is essential, but one can accomplish so much in a day. It has helped me become more comfortable in social settings.

Favourite memory

It is difficult to pinpoint one such memory, but the overseas studying experience allows you to study hard during the day, but explore the city with friends in the afternoon/night. Every day was eventful!

Top tips

Before doing this course in particular, I would recommend having done ECON3210 and FINM3402. These courses proved to be excellent background knowledge for FM202 at LSE.


The full amount of the OS Help Loan was received, but insufficient to cover all the costs for a city like London. Immediate out of pocket expenses are estimated to be $2000-$3000.