Simon - EWB Nepal Humanitarian Design Summit

Bachelor of Engineering
July 2018

Why did you decide to complete a short term experience?

I had a friend who partook in the same short-term experience earlier in the year and said that it was a highly enjoyable and rewarding experience. I decided to complete the experience because:

  • I wanted to experience a culture completely different from my own; 
  • I wanted to learn and apply a variation of the engineering problem-solving mindset outside the classroom; and
  • I wanted to meet like-minded people.

How has the experience changed you?

I feel that I am more aware of what it is to live in a developed country and hopefully more grateful for the small things. 

Throughout the trip, my points of view were challenged and I learnt because of that. I also learnt how to apply a new form of problem-solving centred around people and 'their' problems, something that is often overlooked by engineers and not always taught in the classroom. The process learnt on the trip has changed the way I view problems and people, for better or worse.

I gained a lot from the trip's leaders who gave great insight into their professional pathways and the great diversity with which you can use an engineering degree. I also got my first taste of what its like coming up with a solution to a problem, under pressure, while dealing with cross-cultural boundaries; something which will hopefully hold me in good stead for the future.

Favourite memory

Helping weed a Lady's rice field all the while laughing with some surrounding locals about how they were offering us daughters to marry.

Top tips

There is no need to worry about the other people you are with. Everyone is super friendly and will without a doubt make you feel welcome. The facilitators on the trip are also great, and they take great care of you all the while having a great time as well. If you are really worried about getting sick just make sure you get medical scenarios ticked off by your doctor and you'll be fine.


New Colombo grant.