Tana - University of Exeter

Bachelor of Science/ Laws (Hons)
Semester 1, 2018

Academic experience

On exchange I studied 3 law subjects and 1 science subject, the law subjects were Medical Ethics and the Law, Intellectual Property Law and Immigration and Asylum Law, the science subject was Frontiers in Molecular Biology. The University of Exeter changed the law subjects available when I arrived which complicated enrolment, yet UQ was very efficient and it was easy to classify these as electives without too much hassle. 

The subjects were challenging but very interesting, I enjoyed being able to find the various similarities between the UK and Australian Legal systems, with cases and legal rules that I had previously been taught explored in a new light. One main difficulty was embracing the new legal referencing system, I had to essentially put behind me what I had learnt in the last 3 years of my degree and start from scratch using a new guide that I found much less detailed than the AGLC.

Personal experience

The experience was defined by the friendships I made and the travel that I did. I mostly made friends with other international students who I met during the orientation events and around our accommodation, yet also met British students in class and around campus events and socials. These friendships were so important and were the basis of the various trips i did during the semester, exploring the UK, Iceland, Paris, Dublin, Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Croatia, Portugal, Italy and Finland all either by myself or meeting up with other exchange friends travelling or at home. This was so special as the spontaneity by which I organised these trips may have made them more expensive yet allowed me the freedom to travel where I wanted and experience local cultures with the tour guides who I'd met in England.


I lived at James Owen Court, a University owned residence about a 15 minute walk to Uni. Most of my exchange friends lived there with me and so was the heart of our friendship group and social events. 

It was different adjusting to living with flat mates, yet having your own bedroom and bathroom was so important. The reception at the accommodation was open what felt like every hour of the day and were so accommodating, helping students with anything they needed which made adjusting a lot easier.


I spent about $15000 on exchange and this was more than I budgeted for, however I wouldn't have changed a thing. I found that not being too worried about my expenditure having saved more than I needed meant I was able to take every opportunity and travel as much as I did. It was never excessive  or wasted expenditure but rather being sensible but not scared to spend was important.

Professional Development

Starting a new Uni and travelling by myself were so out of my comfort zone, yet were the most rewarding experiences I've had. I have gained confidence in who am I and how I can hold my own, and also my ability to interact and understand people with different cultures, upbringings and beliefs.

It really is this life experience that is the biggest thing that has come from my exchange experience.


The friends I made were the highlight of my time in Exeter, on exchange knowing someone for 5 months will feel like 5 years and your friends on exchange will nearly know you better than your friends at home by the end of it.  For example I spent my birthday in Italy after my exchange ended, and friends from my exchanged ended up flying from all over the world to celebrate with me - from as far as Finland or Germany. These people will always be there for you and you'll likely get a lot of visitors coming to Australia in the years after you get home.

Top tips

Don't waste any opportunity, use this time to meet new people, join sports and clubs, travel and party. Basically live life to the fullest and don't get stuck in your comfort zone.