Georgia - EWB India Humanitarian Design Summit

Bachelor of Engineering
July 2018

Why did you decide to complete a short term experience?

I had numerous previous students recommend it to me.

How has the experience changed you?

I think it just changed my perspective on design and gave me skills to use across my academic and professional careers. Also I gained perspective on where I would like to take my career in the future. Overall I gained appreciation for everything I have and I made some life long friends, and now have connections globally.

Favourite memory

It is hard to summarise 2 weeks of amazing experiences down to just one memory. I think finally presenting our ideas to the community at the end was such a highlight, and just a summation of all of our learning and work throughout the trip. Also afterwards going out and celebrating and having a great time with all these wonderful people just showed how close we became over the short period of time.

Top tips

Definitely do it! Go in with a completely open mind and embrace the process and experience completely. Be willing to listen and learn.


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