Adrian - Aalto University Digital Business Master Class

Master of Business Administration
July 2018

Why did you decide to complete a short term experience?

I wanted an experience learning with people from different backgrounds. The opportunity was there with Finland who I had read a lot about regarding their stance on technology and I thought the course I was to undertake was therefore completely relevant. I love to travel and to combine it with learning is a completely different experience.

How has the experience changed you?

Not so much changed me but has given me plenty of ammunition that I didn't have before.  It opened my eyes to different ways to learn and approach topics as well as providing me with specific information as to how to attack my future direction.  It put me in a great thought space and allowed me to challenge my usual thinking.  I made some fantastic mates and networks that will continue to strengthen over time.  I learnt a lot about content I wasn't aware of which I guess the program aimed to do.  It  was definitely not just a tick box action.

Favourite memory

The people I met and the content we covered. We consulted for the actual city of Helsinki and provided a real solution to an issue they had. I was amazed that they were taking our feedback on board in consultation with a partner local team.  It was so fast but blew my expectations. I loved it so much and have travelled a lot in the past but this is by far one of my favourite travel memories.

Top tips

Do it. A lot of people hesitate and think maybe next time but then next time comes and it's too late. People think of the cost but for me it actually turned out cheaper doing it in Finland and I got a whole lot more out of it than I would have done studying in Brisbane. Be sure to have an open mind and be willing to learn from everyone else in the program. I found that everyone had something to offer. I realised it was important to step back and look at the experience as an outsider but still living it for real. This allowed me to get the most out of every opportunity and put real thought and methodology into every action.


I received $1000 from UQ.