Oliver - Sciences Po Summer School

Bachelor of Arts/Science
July 2017

My experience

It was a privilege to engage in the student life at Sciences Po, nestled in the middle of Paris, like so many prominent thinkers and learners that had gone before me, including an astounding number of French presidents!. The classes were exceptionally engaging, with staff that listened, cared and engaged in your experience. I learnt so much from spending time with my friends from all over the world; having fun in class, exploring Paris together, or simply finding a new special place for a Picnic on the Seine. Living as a student in Paris is hands down the best way to experience the vibrancy and complexity of the city, and I would recommend the experience to anyone else in a heartbeat. Memories of experiences like Bastille day in front of the Eiffel tower and seeing the final leg of the Tour de France will remain with me forever, as will my new deep appreciation for what it is to be French in the modern world. Thank you Sciences Po!