Michelle - Korea University International Summer School

Bachelor of Engineering/ Business Management
July 2017

My experience

As cliché as it may seem, my participation in the International Summer Campus Program at Korea University was definitely life-changing. I decided to participate in the program because I wanted to undergo a "short-term exchange". My decision to pursue a 6-week for-credit program was because I felt it would be less intensive than the 4-week program as there would be more time to develop personal growth. I learnt for the first time to be independent in a foreign environment. The program was well structured to include many Korean cultural activities which I am extremely grateful for as I got to be more open-minded to culture as well as meet people who have complete different life experiences to me. I was exposed to an environment where I got to challenge myself on a daily basis as well as engage in knowledge sharing – two aspects that I wanted in a short-term experience.