Vania - Beijing Language and Culture University Short-Term Chinese Program

Bachelor of Science
January 2017

My experience

During the summer holidays, I studied in the Intensive Chinese program at BLCU for 5 weeks. The reason I decided to study in Beijing was to improve my Chinese speaking and listening skills and experience university life in another country. Initially, I was really nervous about travelling to another country by myself for the first time, making new friends and communicating to Chinese people. However, that was unnecessary. During the course, my Chinese improved heaps, and a lot of the people I met there were extremely friendly and welcoming. I made many new friends from all over the world. My favourite memory was ice-skating in Houhai with my friends and eating Peking duck for Christmas dinner. It was honestly an amazing experience. Top tips would be to: don’t be shy and talk to everyone, communicate in Chinese as much as possible, ask teachers for help and enjoy yourself.