Han - Summer China Program - Beijing Campus

Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics
December 2017

My experience

I decided to go on a short-term experience because not only did I want to complete a subject, but I also wanted to travel and immerse myself into a different country’s rich culture. My experience has enabled me to develop various skills and attributes, including independence and adaptability in uncertain environments and circumstances. It was incredible to learn something I have been learning at university for a while now taught in a different country from a different perspective, which has helped me to become more open-minded to the world of finance.


The highlight of my experience was being able to complement my studies with leisure, by travelling to different locations in Beijing and visiting some really cool destinations and scenery that Brisbane doesn’t have to offer. My advice for future participants is to just go for it, and to select a location that has some meaning for you, whether because you want to improve your language skills, put yourself out of your comfort zone or even simply because you have always wanted to travel to a particular country.