Sarah - Otago Summer School

Bachelor of Arts/Laws (Hons)
January 2018

My experience

My short-term program in New Zealand significantly contributed to my future studies in law. I took International Criminal Law, a course that has not been offered at UQ but which greatly interests me. The course was run by a Prosecutor from the International Court of Justice which meant he was able to give the class first-hand knowledge about practising criminal law at the international level. Taking the course has inspired me to pursue a career in this area of law and has thus encouraged me to tailor the remainder of my law degree to achieving this.

Not only was the course fantastic, the University itself was beautiful and definitely a rival to UQ's Great Court. Dunedin is a lovely city, with plenty to see and do (at little to no cost - if you're looking to save some money!). As we only had two lectures per week, there was plenty of time to go travelling around the rest of NZ (which was very easy to do as the whole country is geared towards tourism for young adults). This is an experience I'd definitely recommend and would happily participate in again.